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Where doctors come to sell their immaculately maintained vehicles.  Now, get a chance to own one of theirs!

The most innovative way of selling Physician owned cars, trucks and with the peace of mind that each vehicle is certified, dealer maintained and well kept.  Physicians will sign in and post pictures of their private for sale vehicle and commanding a higher price than market value.  Enjoy the benefits of knowing that the used car that you will purchase has been cared for and is in good hands.  Register and post your vehicles, now!  Prices starts at $10.00 per month for a link of your vehicle(multiple pics) or one picture uploaded on the site.  New!  We also buy your cars, exotics or race cars.
Contact Information

Please provide your medical license number or NPI (available in google) in order to be able to upload pics of your for sale vehicle.  Provide your own sign name when posting/uploading your for sale vehicle and a contact email for the buyer.  Information submitted will not be stored once identification is confirmed. Email me at for questions?

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